The Devil was right

If you are reading this, you are probably wondering primarily why I left the glamourous world of magazines to teach ( epecially if you believe the horror stories in the news about education and schools ).

This blog is about my life after being a beauty editor but still discovering wonderful pampering finds – however I suspect I could end up discussing a lot of my life working in the hub of a fashion magazine. I see it in people’s faces when I tell them – they are dying to ask why I would leave such a job.

Watching ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ tells you everything about why I left my job as a beauty editor. Not everything that happens in the film happened to me but I can remember going to the cinema and sitting in the darkness barely able to breathe at some points, such was the excruciating empathy I had for Anne Hathaway’s character during some scenes. When my friend and I left the low lit warmth of the Odeon, into the dark blue iciness of the evening I could hardly speak about it; it felt weird to watch. I’ve seen the film many times and now throughly enjoy it – and think maybe again, just for a day…


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