Lots to say…?

Whenever anyone finds out I used to be a beauty editor, with hundreds of skincare products and makeup at my disposal, the first thing they want to know is what I found to be the best, most effective, worth the money….the next thing, if they get the opportunity, is to rummage through my bathroom cupboards.

I left behind the glossy magazine glamour of London nine years ago to become a teacher and a mum of two – but I’ve never lost my fascination and love of gorgeous beauty products.

I don’t get the privilege of free samples to try now, and, since I have to fork out for my indulgences, I have to make my choices wisely. I still have a few firm favourites from years ago and have discovered some new, surprising gems since.

I’m still constantly on the look out for the next great finds that will give me that glow ( after baby induced sleepless nights ), keep me flawless ( whilst teaching teenagers by day) and produce fast results ( in the short few hours of free ‘me’ time I have spare).

I thought I’d share what I discover is worth the money and what works – I’m hoping there will be busy, time and money strapped, working mothers out there that would enjoy the insider knowledge…


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