Skin savvy

I had this conversation with a friend today: after a certain age ( we could both be described as the wrong side of forty) it doesn’t matter what you slap onto your skin, the only way to keep your skin looking good is from the inside out. To be honest this is true at any age but just more so as we get older.

I’m no expert on any miracle working solution, but I do know, from personal trial and error and specialist advice over the years, that when I have done any of the following my skin has noticeably improved: glowed, cleared and seemingly de-aged. No surprises – this is beautiful skin without the price tag, just willpower and self control. Take you pick – whatever works for you:

Lay off the sugar – definitely avoid Haribo
Get lots of sleep – starting at least two hours before midnight
Start the day with a generous mug of freshly squeezed lemon juice in warm water
Eat an apple everyday
Take a probiotic ( gut friendly bacteria ) supplement
Limit alcohol to a small glass of red wine ( avoid spirits )
Exercise so you sweat lots
Fresh air and sunshine; always use a factor 15 sunscreen (make sure it offers maximum protection against UVA – the ageing ray)
Leave your skin alone – don’t pick, pull, over exfoliate, cleanse or moisturise
Avoid slapping on heavy night creams or oils if under thirty but always use a skin treatment overnight if over thirty
Make and take green juice shots
Double cleanse to take off makeup – massage a cream cleanser, then follow with a wash off cleanser
Take a multivitamin and mineral – preferably a skin supplement containing skin friendly oils
Eat more vegetables than fruit (steam, stew or bake the fruit you eat)
Eat Greek live yogurt, nuts and avocados in abundance
Drink Goats milk
Massage a vitamin E capsule into skin
Drink water – but not too much
Mix foundation with skincare cream for extra nourishment


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