Store cupboard staples…

I’ve lost track of the different products and brands I must have tried over the years but there are definitely a core group of favourites that I find myself coming back to.

My skin is very different now to the skin I my twenties and I’ve found that often some items that I swore by just don’t make the grade anymore. Likewise, some supposed miracle workers, back then, did nothing for me: there was a time when I had such an abundant supply of Creme De La Mer cream ( too rich and greasy for my complexion at the time ) I was using it to moisturise my feet. I suspect it would suit my needs much better now I’m in the 35 years plus age bracket.

These days I wouldn’t turn down any product from any of the brands below and you can guarantee to find these names in my beauty cabinet and bathroom store:

Clarins – have always loved this brand, even back in my teens when it summed up everything that was glamourous and pampering in beauty. I always find myself returning to the Foaming Face Cleanser with Cottonseed to use in the shower and the Handcream in my bag. I never got the fuss over the Beauty Flash balm, but it never did any harm. I much prefer their Tinted moisturiser to get my glow.
Current favourites are the Body Scrub and Foot Cream.

Dr Hauschka – The Rose Day Cream is worthy of the fuss and I love the lighter version and couldn’t live without it in the summer months. The Rhythmic Night Conditioner has, at various points, help my skin to balance out ( it allowed me to break the cycle of tightness after cleansing at night and the need to slap on heavy creams, resulting in congested skin the next morning). The Cleansing Lotion is a great phase one to my double cleanse routine; it gently lifts make-up and grime before my wash off cleanser. I’ve used and loved the foundation, eye cream, body lotions ( Blackthorn body lotion helped stave off stretch marks during pregnancy ), hand and foot creams over recent years. You will always find the lip balm pot in my bag.

Dermalogica – When I was a beauty editor, I used to be a regular at the Dermal Institute off Kensington Church Street for facials and massages. It might not have been the height of glamour (it’s quite the understated brand) but boy did my skin look good! I’ve consistently used the products ever since. Recommendations are the sheer skin tint and treatment foundation (a fabulous light base for summer when mixed together). The overnight treatment gel is one of the best spot blasters I’ve tried. I love that the multivitamin masque makes my skin glow ( and just lately the thermal exfoliant polishes). The suncare products are lovely to use too.

Chantecaille – I remember when this brand launched and meeting Sylvie and Olivia Chantecaille, as elegant and refined as their products. There was such a buzz at the time about the no look makeup cover ‘Real Skin’, however my bolt of lightening was the discovery of the Future Skin foundation; my complexion improved with every application ( it contains seaweed charged water I believe ) and I have always had admiring comments about how good my skin looked when wearing it. I found that mixing a little of Future Skin with a moisturiser gave a sheerer cover and extended the usage so one pot lasted well over six months (more than justifying the £50 price tag). The Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask is another gem. I slather it on and leave overnight to wake with a real bloom (I’ve just discovered Sisley’s Black Rose Mask has a similar outcome ). The Rice and Geranium Cleanser is on a par with the Clsrins wash off cleanser – a real treat. I would happy use any of the brand’s skin and makeup products – it’s no surprise that many Hollywood beauties count the range as one of their bathroom staples.


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